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"Love love love my new Fischer vacumn boots. Naomi did a superb job helping pick and fit the best boot for me. They are very comfortable as well as responsive on the mountain. Also love my Rossignol Temptation 84 skis. Again, Naomi gave excellent service and Brian's tune made for quick, responsive turns. Thank you Shirley and Jeremy for building a great team!"

- Jane Starrett

"The manager Jack helped me for several hours to find and fit me for the perfect ski boots. He was amazing, extremely hard working, and knowledgeable. Thanks to Jack I am finally able to experience correctly fitting boots after 20 years of skiing. Thanks for setting an excellent example for your staff!"

- Josh Stess

"Jack helped me find the right Ski boot given I have wide feet and large calves. Most other boots that have a wide foot bed pinch my calves. He took the time and interest to select the right boot and then proceeded to custom fit it to my foot by using their equipment to enlarge the cavity and then adjust the cuff for my comfort. Never in my life have I had ski boots this comfortable! After he pulled out the sole and showed me how thin and useless it was, he also custom fit an insole for me, what a difference that made. I'm cheap and NEVER buy anything I don't NEED. Out the door these wonderfully custom fitted boots and insoles were less than the stock boots I tried at REI, and I'm a member there.
I may go home, put them on and binge watch what's on my Netflix list tonight!! "

-Phil Bautista

"I have been in and out of Alpine over the last two weeks doing lots of demos, trying to decide on what I want, The staff downstairs led by Brian was absolutely great, offered lots of information, always interested in my feedback, and accommodating. Also got a chance to see a couple of times where they fixed a customers bindings right on the spot, and if the fix was small they sent them off with out a charge. Even when busy they were friendly and gave great service. Jamming tunes too! Same with the new owner and sales staff upstairs. Owen in particular was extremely informative and helpful when it came to a final decision. Some of the reviews here raised important issues, however the new owner and leadership staff really take feedback seriously and they will work it out and fix it I think. So I like REI, nice people, great sports department store, but comparing the two regarding expertise in ski equipment just doesn't make sense to me. So I'd say give the new owner a chance to work the kinks out, build on what is already great, and we'll have a killer shop to work with."

-Dana Christensen

"In June this year, I brought in some skis and bindings, that I purchased elsewhere, and asked them if they could mount them for my son who was going to ski camp. They told me it could be up to 2 weeks.......... I needed them in just less than that and the Tech was going on vacation the next week. The nice man at the front took my stuff and said he would see what he could do. Four hours later I got a call telling me they were done!!!!!! This is the definition of "Customer Service".

-Vance Boone
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