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Wintersteiger SKI MAN Roto Guide

The Ski Man Roto Guide is an accurate true angle with ergonomic grip.

  • A  locking system that allows you to use any file or stone and locks it in to avoid unecessary wear on the guide or tool.
  • These roto guides use ball bearings as the running surface against the base to allow for easy glide with less running surface than traditional guides.
  • The bearings also allow for a gap between the tool and the base to allow filings to drop without catching on the base.
  • Side edge beveling will give the skis more grip on the snow surface. Higher angles should be reserved for experienced racers; if the angle is too high the ski can "rail out" on a less experienced racer.
  • Higher angles are quicker to dull.
  • An aggressive edge (high angle - 87), may be more difficult for lighter racers (young kids or women) and may make it more difficult to recover from being up on the edge.

  • Tuesday-Saturday  10am-6pm

    Holiday Hours May Vary
  • *Rental hours are subject to change without notice.
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