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Shred Simplify

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If you’re looking for the best performing ski and snowboard goggle that defeats flat light while providing the widest field of vision in the game and a sleek, almost frameless cylindrical lens style, then SHRED. Simplify is your best choice. It features CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ 2.0 (CBL 2.0)* / CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ (CBL) and NODISTORTION™ technology to enhance contrast and image definition, SHRED.wide™ to maximize field of view, and a 1-2-3 SHRED REPLACEMENT SYSTEM™ that in just 3 easy steps lets you swap lenses. Unleash your potential and take control of the mountains for endless fun. SHRED. Simplify is compatible with most prescription glasses (OTG). *Available in select models.

  • LENS | Ultra-high-optical-precision molded, cylindrical double lenses with tapered thickness to optimize vision at all angles and enhance impact protection | 100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection | Super Anti-Fog
  • FRAME | Width: 195 mm | Height: 105 mm
  • STRAP | Width: 50 mm | Triple silicone line backing | 2-point slide adjustment system
  • WEIGHT | 175 g
  • SUGGESTED FIT | M to XL helmet size

  • SHRED. CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ 2.0* | Our proprietary, MIT-developed, ALL CONDITIONS Lens Tech System DEFEATS FLAT LIGHT, boosts contrast in low/flat light, and reduces glare in brightness. DEFEAT FLAT LIGHT and enhance vision performance in ALL CONDITIONS.
    *Select models only. Others feature original CBL™ for enhanced contrast and clarity.
  • SHRED.wide™ | Goggles designed and engineered to maximize your field of view.
  • SHRED. NODISTORTION™ | Pressure regulation valve technology to provide crystal clear vision during altitude change.
  • SHRED. NOCLOG™ | Hydrophobic treatment on vents to reduce clogging from snow or water and help prevent fogging.
  • SHRED. OTG | Designed to provide compatibility and comfort with most prescription glasses.
  • VLT% | IMPORTANT NOTICE: VLT% doesn't fully capture the human eye's experience with SHRED. Contrast Boosting Lens™ 2.0 Technologies. Unlike machines, it misses how the lens's polarization filter cuts glare and how the contrast enhancing formulations boost clarity and vision.

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  • *Rental hours are subject to change without notice.
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