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Intuition Pro Tongue Liner

The Pro Tongue liner is the stiffest of all our tongue style liners with hard tongue and cuff reinforcements, a traditional style 2mm Strobel sole with PU covering, and a thinner, softer toe box which allows more toe room in tight fitting shells. The Pro Tongues come with a removable 7mm foam insert, which make them ideal for custom footbeds.
  • The Pro Tongue is a medium volume liner and works best with a shell fit* of One – two fingers (1/2″-1¼”)
  • If your shell is a half size, round down for this model.
  • For best results we recommend having these liners heat molded at a shop by a professional bootfitter. Stiffer models require more attention when heated, while others can be easily molded by using the home fit kit.

  • Tuesday-Saturday  10am-6pm

    Holiday Hours May Vary
  • *Rental hours are subject to change without notice.
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