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Grass Sticks Ski Poles


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About our Sticks

Whether you get your thrills charging pillow lines or cruising corduroy, Grass Sticks make for the ultimate ski pole.

Bamboo is Better

Bamboo is an amazing material with the tensile strength of steel and a compressive strength greater than concrete. When cut to the length of a ski pole, the species of bamboo that we use at Grass Sticks provides the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility so it won’t snap or kink like aluminum.

Traditional carbon fiber and aluminum ski poles are mined from the earth, industrially manufactured and mass produced- using an incredible amount of energy and placing a burden on our environment. Per acre harvested, bamboo produces three times as much lumber as trees, absorbs more CO2 and produces more oxygen than any other plant. It's time to make the switch to a more sustainable, higher quality bamboo ski pole.

About our Sticks

Whether you get your thrills charging pillow lines or cruising corduroy, Grass Sticks make for the ultimate ski pole. Pick up your new Sticks and you'll learn that the natural allure, feather-light weight, and incredible strength of bamboo make for the perfect pole. We even guarantee it with a LIFETIME warranty

Each Stick is hand sanded and finished with a UV/Moisture/Cold proof clear coat. Our grips are made with a soft rubber that stays put in your hand with or without our 100% recycled polyester straps.  At the bottom you'll find a premium no-slip carbide tip and an interchangeable basket size and color of your choice.

Grass Sticks fully understands that along with high quality equipment, lookin' good also makes you a better skier... Therefore, each pole is custom made based on YOUR style! Countless colorful combinations of baskets and grips on beautifully finished high strength bamboo will be sure to improve your chairlift social life!

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