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Fischer RC4 Podium GT 130 VFF 2021

For fast skiers who appreciate World Cup performance features in a more comfortable boot. Snug fitting last, VACUUM Full Fit, adjustable 3D cuff, and 130 flex allow for precise control and steering.

The Podium GT- for technically proficient experts

With true World Cup DNA, the Podium GT is designed for technically proficient experts who demand the highest hard-snow performance, and who desire a boot with the versatility to ski the entire mountain. To ensure maximum power transfer, the anatomical shell and liner design provides a secure, high-performance fit through the heel and midfoot, with a wider 96mm last to provide more comfort in the forefoot. The focus of Podium GT is its excellent, satisfying First Fit. Then Fischer’s patented VACUUM moldable shell, thermoformable liner, and the easily customized padding of the Grindable Tongue for optimized ankle fit all offer an even more precise, custom fit and alignment that are normally reserved for World Cup athletes. The fit of Podium GT is only half the story. The cuff can be rotated and repositioned in three dimensions. So, no matter what your foot and leg shape is, you can precisely match this boot to your own anatomy. All sole pads are pre-mounted so this boot is ready to go. Excellent individual performance demands excellent individualized fit, making the Podium GT where top speed begins.


  • Last - 96 mm
  • Sizes - 22.5, 23.5, 24.5, 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5
  • Lace Liner - provide a better and more compact support in the shell and for the foot, especially on the insteps and heel fit.
  • Race Connected Fit - anatomic race last with excellent 1st fit and unique matched Liner and shell
  • High Precision Steering - 3D-Cuff and new - based on FE-Analysis - forefoot geometry
  • Pressure Reducing Tongue - Totally new Tongue Construction with space for high insteps and navicular bone. Because of the special cut no pressure anymore.
  • Phatt Maxx - The widest Velcro on the market, optimum boot adjustment according to skiing style and use. For enhanced power and pressure transfer.

Alpine Sports - Santa Fe - Boot Fitters Review
We have been fitting Fischer Vacuum boot this past 4 seasons and have had great customer success.  Not that we feel a vacuum boot is needed for everyone but it can be useful.  This particular boot is the most aggressive full vacuum boot to date.  Fit runs low to medium volume feet and legs best, like most Fischer Vacuum boots flex runs on the softer side.  
Fitter - Jeremy Cole

  • Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

    Holiday Hours May Vary
  • *Rental hours are subject to change without notice.
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