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Elan Ripstick 106 Black Edition 2023

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The search for a powder ski that destroys hardpack is officially over. Designed with Glen Plake, the new Ripstick 106 Black Edition utilizes game changing QuadRod Technology to defeat the myth that fat skis are only for soft snow and proves hard charging skis can also be light and playful without sacrificing power and stability.

  • Weight - (g)1899
  • Last -
  • Flex -

  • Amphibio Carbon Line Technology - Confidence building performance for any situation on the mountain. Amphibio Carbon Line technology is a combination of innovations that provide the best balance of lightweight construction with power and performance. Amphibio Carbon Line technology elevates the asymmetrical ski design to the next level by strategically locating carbon reinforcement over the inside edges of the skis providing more power in the turn, while carbon rods inserted into the woodcore maximize weight savings and overall stability. The end result is an extremely lightweight high performance ski with uncompromised versatility and smooth performance.
  • SST - The SST construction provides quick, nimble and direct power transmission from the ski to snow as well as providing exceptional torsional rigidity
  • Tubelite Wooscore - To create the Tubelite Woodcore, two super lightweight carbon tubes are inserted into a lightweight laminated wood core.  These tubes run the length of the ski following the acr of the side cut.  They provide torsional stability and powerful rebound while allowing for material reduction of the core.  The result is incredible lightweight response and stability.
  • 100% Recycled Vaportip Reinforcement - Making a difference in sustainability is the motor of every process and using 100% recycled materials in the components of our products is an approach we take to reduce waste. Completely recycled polethylene terephthalate (PET), the main ingredient in plastic bottles, is processed into high-performance foam materials that are light, strong, and used in our VaporTip Reinforcement.
  • Quadrod Reinforcement -  Expanded upon its TubeLite Woodcore, which two full-length carbon rods placed in the core, adjacent to the edges and the shape of the sidecut, by adding two additional carbon rods to the center of the ski, one in the tip and one in the tail, resulting in QuadRod Technology. It delivers next level smoothness and grip, with a natural flex pattern for the perfect blend of playful, yet powerful performance.

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