With hot-forged HoodWire carabiners on the top and bottom, the Black Diamond HoodWire Quickdraw fuses keylock performance with wiregate functionality. From overhanging clip-ups to frigid alpine ridges, the HoodWire biner's metal hood eliminates snags when cleaning, and the wiregate design lowers the weight and resists freezing in winter conditions. The 12 mm Dynex dogbone provides a light, durable connection, and the Straitjacket insert ensures the bottom 'biner stays in the optimal clipping position.
  • HoodWire wiregates on top and bottom
  • Snag-free hood on both biners for easy clipping and cleaning
  • Dual wiregates reduce the chance of gate flutter
  • Equipped with a 12 mm Dynex Dogbone with Straitjacket
  • Available in 12 cm length
  • Weight:81 g (2.86 oz)
  • Closed Gate Strength:24 kN (5,395 lb)
  • Open Gate Strength:8 kN (1,798 lb)
  • Minor Axis Strength:8 kN (1,798 lb)
  • Gate Opening:24mm (.94 in)


Black Diamond uses two different forging methods to build carabiners, hot and cold forging. Each has its benefits and using both allows us to achieve the best possible shape, size and strength for each carabiners intended use. HOT FORGING, a process where both the rod stock and forge dies are heated, allows us to move the metal, creating more intricate shapes, such as our GridLock and Oz 'biners.