On fast-and-light missions and smash-and-grab ascents when weight really matters, the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight presents a 25% weight savings over the Camalot. With sculpted lobes that account for a portion of the weight savings, the Camalot Ultralight features a dyneema cord in place of a cable with all of the same strength you rely on. A double-axle design allows for the widest placement range possible for each cam device, and color coding makes for easy identification when quick pro is paramount. When light is right, the Camalot Ultralight is essential.
  • Double-axle design offers widest range for each cam unit
  • Dyneema core stem design is strong, durable and low-profile
  • 14mm dyneema tape sling
  • Ergonomically optimized stem and thumb loop for surgically precision placements
  • Color-coded for easy identification and wide range of sizes
  • Weight:[.4] 61 g (2.15.oz),[.5] 74 g (2.61 oz),[.75] 89 g (3.14 oz),[#1] 101 g (3.56 oz),[#2] 126 g (4.44 oz),[#3] 167 g (5.89 oz),[#4] 225 g (7.94 oz)
  • Strength:[.4] 8 kN (1798 lb),[.5] 10 kN (2248 lf),[.75] 10 kN (2698 lb),[#1] 12 kN (2698 lb),[#2] 12 kN (2698 lb),[#3] 12 kN (2698 lb),[#4] 12 kN (2698 lb)
  • Range:[.4] 15.5-26.7 mm (0.61-1.04 in),[.5] 19.6-33.5 mm (0.77-1.32 in), [.75] 23.9-41.2 mm (0.94-1.62 in), [#1] 30.2-52.1 mm (1.19-2.05 in), [#2] 37.2-64.9 mm (1.46-2.55 in), [#3] 50.7-87.9 mm (2.00-3.46 in), [#4] 66.0-114.7 mm (2.60-4.51in)
cam comparison chart


Our range of Camalots is designed to provide protection across the full spectrum of crack sizes, from small incipient seams, to perfect hands, to full-on offwidths. Camalots, Camalot C3s, Camalot X4s and Camalot Ultralights each have their own unique advantages, and a well-rounded rack will likely contain some or all sizes of each cam. Check out the chart to see how the members of the Camalot family overlap.


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